Our Firm

The mission of Elite Financial Service, Inc. (EFS) is to provide top quality services by helping taxpayers understand and meet their tax responsibilities.  In 1992 we moved into our first building.  We have since grown into two locations, Athens and Decatur, with ten employees.  We offer tax preparation services including Refund Anticipation Checks, Direct Deposits, Electronic Filing, and Business Payroll Services offering payments made through Electronic Federal Tax Payments System (EFTPS).  We also provide assistance to taxpayers experiencing tax issues after receiving a letter from the IRS.


Lucita Jones, CEO and Founder

My family has always been engaged in some type of business ownership so entertaining the idea of going into business was the norm.  My great grandfather, the late Mr. Will Wheeler of Decatur, AL was the town's blacksmith, farmer and grave digger.  His daughter and my grandmother, the late Mrs. Louise Fuqua,  managed a coin-operated laundromat.  My mother, Ms. Sandra Fuqua, a single mother of five children, worked twelve hours a day at a local manufacturing plant.  It was the responsibility of my grandmother to take care of me, the oldest, and my brothers and sisters.  My grandmother taught us the value of hard work by instilling in us integrity, discipline, and the traits of the shared responsibility of running a laundromat.  I am so grateful for all the lessons she taught us.  My core values are the most powerful tools used in my life to guide my decision-making.